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Walking your dog

Why choose me?

We love dogs and they're part of our family. Over 20 years we've had several rescue pups including our current pet, a Pointer called Sadie. Dogs are so important, and I'll make sure your dog has the exercise and fun they need when you can't walk them.

My dog walking business is now over four years old and I've had plenty of experience with dogs big, small, old, young, boisterous and shy, giving them lots of  exercise, play and care. We live in Heath Road, close to Knolls Wood, the river, canal, Stockgrove and Rushmere - there's a great choice of walks nearby. 

Before the booking, I'll meet up with you to find out all about your dog, so that I can tailor the walk to their needs. You can tell me all about their routines, likes and dislikes - the more I know about them, the better I can look after them. 

I do all I can to set your mind at rest about your dog's safety while in my care. I stick to the Dogs Trust and RSPCA dogwalking guidelines and I'll never have more than four dogs on a walk at once. I won't take a booking unless I'm sure all the dogs on the walk will get on together. And I won't let your dog off the lead without your written permission and my own confidence about their safety. Ask to see my insurance, criminal records check and first aid paperwork, or look at my reviews and talk to other customers. Or better still, see how your dog reacts to me after we've been out a couple of times!